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Here are a couple of pics from stuff that some of you may remember (a little too well!) For the rest of you looking at this who have no idea about what is going on in these pics...just look at them and wonder! ; )
I will be changing the pictures
from time to time, but for starters, we have these great little pics from the 1996 Leather & Lace trip to Florida!

Pic 1I guess this could be considered the "unofficial official group picture". I think just about everybody that went has a copy of this one...the whole group at Epcot.

Pic 2Here is a good shot of Terry at Epcot. Andy "Barry White" Klinger is also in this one.

Pic 3The infamous tower of cans!!

Pic 4Who could forget the nice 21 hour bus ride?! (not Ernie!)


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